Emdros 1.2.0.pre262 released!


I've released Emdros version 1.2.0.pre262 over at SourceForge.Net.  It contains all the goodies I've been blogging about since March 2007 (i.e., since the last release, which was 1.2.0.pre242).

To summarize, this release brings:

  • C# bindings, or rather, .Net bindings
  • marks ...
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MQL takes a leap closer to QL


One of my customers told me that the new Wrap block wasn't what they really needed. The main point of complaint was that there was an implicit power block at the beginning of the innards of the wrap block. It wasn't intuitive enough.

I looked at my implementation ...

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Unofficial Emdros blog interview


The "Unofficial Emdros blog" has an interview with yours truly.

The Unofficial Emdros blog is run by one of my very good friends, and mostly has tidbits bantered in friendly conversation.


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C# bindings for Emdros


I've added C# bindings to Emdros.  They might still be a little rough around the edges, but overall they seem to work pretty well.

A small example is given in the source code, showing how to map the C++ API to the SWIG bindings.  Also, some documentation is provided ...

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On wrap blocks, marks, and other goodies


A lot has happened to the Emdros sources since the latest public release, which was 1.2.0.pre242. Here is a shortlist of the most important ones:

  • You can now specify "marks" on an object block or (opt) gap block. This means that you can pass arbitrary identifiers back ...
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