Full Text Search implemented in Emdros


I've finished the implementation, tuning, and testing of Full Text Search (FTS) for Emdros.

The implementation is part of the libharvest library, and is written in C++ like the rest of Emdros.

I implemented the basic idea in Python first, then reimplemented it in C++. Python is so malleable ...

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Linguistic Tree Constructor 3.0.4 released (with an Easter egg)


I've released Linguistic Tree Constructor (LTC) version 3.0.4 over at http://ltc.sourceforge.net ...

The significance for this blog is that:

  1. LTC uses Emdros
  2. The latest release of LTC has the latest Emdros sources for 3.2.1.pre02 as an Easter egg inside.

Go grab the ...

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Bit Packed Table backend with encryption


In March 2010 (3rd and 9th), I wrote on this blog about a new backend for Emdros under development, called the "Bit Packed Table" (BPT) backend. It is a high-performance, read-only database engine, based on "bit packed tables" and custom-tailored to the EMdF model. It outperforms even SQLite in terms ...

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Emdros 3.2.0 released


I've released Emdros 3.2.0 over at SourceForge.net.


The release notes appear below.

Please let me know via the usual avenues whether anything is amiss.



  • *** Version 3.2.0 ***

As usual, binaries are available for Mac OS X, Windows(R ...

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Linguistic Tree Constructor -- 25000 downloads passed


One of my Open Source "successes", Linguistic Tree Constructor, has passed 25000 downloads over at SourceForge.net.

Linguistic Tree Constructor (LTC) is a tool for building linguistic syntax trees in no time flat, using your mouse. Its main strength is quick annotation of large amounts of text, i.e., production ...

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