Harvesting revisited


I've spent some time writing about how to harvest objects to produce documents. The result is some documentation of a yet-to-be-implemented "Render2" library. It is basically a description of some languages which are at once more powerful and yet also simpler than the RenderObjects and RenderXML library languages.

Once ...

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Emdros on Debian/Ubuntu/etc.


I've successfully made the files requisite for building a .deb on Debian/Ubuntu/other-Debian-derived-Linux-distros.

Interested parties are welcome to contact me for the sources.


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The Emdros blog is back


The Emdros blog is kindly hosted by the J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Research. The Groves Center suffered a hardware outage in late 2011, bringing this blog down.

Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Kirk Lowery, the blog is now back. Thanks, Kirk!

More news coming. Stay ...

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Emdros 3.3.0 released


I have released Emdros version 3.3.0 over at SourceForge.Net.


Please note that the implementation and method of indexing of the Full Text Search are subject to change, as this feature is still experimental.


Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen

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Controlling containment in topographic MQL


I have just finished adding a new feature to the topographic part of the MQL query language.

Hitherto, the only relation one could specify for containment between an inner object block and the outer container was "part_of", and it was always relative to the containing substrate.

In plain English, that ...

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