Emdros examples galore


One of the things that keeps users from evaluating Emdros is the paucity of easily available example databases.

I've done something about that particular problem today, by releasing more than 10 Bibles in various languages, as MQL files that can be easily imported into Emdros.

Downloads are here.

If ...

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Emdros Tischendorf example database: Now at version 1.3


The Tischendorf example database was updated to version 1.3 on January 3.

This is the Tischendorf 8th Greek New Testament with morphology and lemmatization. There is lots of linguistic information in there to play around with in Emdros, and also some document structure (Book-Chapter-Verse) to test some of Emdros ...

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Non-existence revisited


A while ago, I blogged about NOTEXIST having a bad semantics. Essentially, the semantics of the NOTEXIST operator wreaked havoc on subsequent blocks because they were all negated as well. Not good.

Reading Doedens' PhD thesis, I stumbled across a potential solution. Doedens has something called a "wrap block" which ...

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Emdros Tischendorf example updated


I've released an update of the Emdros example, the Tischendorf 8th Greek New Testament with morphology and lemmatization. Lots of linguistic stuff in there.

The example can be downloaded here.

The text itself has a homepage here:




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Emdros gets a support contract


I've sold an Emdros license to Logos Research Systems, the world's largest vendor of Bible study software.

Emdros will provide syntactic search capabilities from within their Libronix product, using some seriously cool GUIs that the incredibly talented folks over at Logos have produced.

Emdros will, of course, continue ...

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