How to get (google) indexed

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So I’ve rebooted my blog. New server and Internet address. I google “The Empirical Humanist”. Hmmm. My old blog link comes up. No, my new blog is nowhere. No hits at all. What to do? Ask Google, of course. And … Read More

Tool for manuscript transcription

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Patrick Durusau¬†just pointed out to me this Austrian site:¬† Transkribus is a system for transcribing manuscripts to text data. Its website allows one to upload graphic documents, and download an application to do the actual work. Evidently, after one has … Read More


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After a hiatus of several years, I’m back at blogging again, courtesy of Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen, who is providing the hosting services. Thanks, Ulrik! I hope you enjoy exploring this site. Please be patience as I continue to experiment and tweak … Read More