For a number of years, I have had a proprietary extension to Emdros which makes an attempt at encrypting SQLite 3 databases that are used with Emdros. The encryption isn't strong, and is meant as an attempt at fooling "most people", not including professional cryptographers. Thus it is primarily meant as a way to copy-protect (DRM-enable) content that content-creators may wish to protect from their customers. Until today, it has been using a key with length > 56 keys.

Today I successfully added a key scheduling algorithm which allowed the cipher to function with only a 56 bit key. This is significant, since, according to my research, it allows export from the US without restriction. Thus Apple and others can happily ship Emdros-driven apps from their app stores (e.g., iOS and/or Mac app store) without requiring a license to export from the US.

If you are interested in licensing this encryption, please get in touch via the email address mentioned on